Wednesday, September 22, 2010


welcome to my newest foray into blogging. I will still try to keep up with my other blog, randomneuralfirings2, but i thought that a new blog would be appropriate for a new phase in my life.

Im sitting in Hotel Galion waiting to go to eat lunch before leaving for my training site in Gbatopi. I should be packing, but Im a guy so whatever, it can wait. I wanted to get this created while I still have decent (for Togo) internet. I hope to use this to post pictures and stuff, as well as share stuff that may not be conducive to a mass email.

One thing that surprised me a lot about Lome, besides the beautiful (and dangerous) beach and all the motorcycles, is that all the streets are sand. granted, there was a large amount of sand in like Cairo streets too, especially in the residential districts, but here there is just sand. no pavement.

I like togolese a lot. at least the one's I've met so far. they seem pretty down to earth and friendly.


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