Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Yesterday evening, I was sitting in my courtyard when my host dad brought out some pictures from last year of my short-termed predecessor (le ancien Daniel). It was like a movie for people in three compounds. At least that's the closest metaphor I can think of. Pictures are huge here. We from the US are deluged by, and thus somewhat de-sensitized to, print and electronic media, specifically images. People here love, by and large, getting their pictures taken, and seeing pictures. My host dad carefully stores his pictures in a plastic bag; bringing them out is a special occasion.

I got a cat. His name is Nigarmi, which means "crazy" in Konkumba. He ate a cockroach the first week I had him. Last night he ate 2 legs off of a big spider (it could still move fast enough to get away . . . tonight though . . .). Nigarmi is currently stalking a chicken in the courtyard. The dog isnt around so I let him out to play. Now he is climbing on my host dad's moto . . . I will post a picture of him, Internet permitting.

The hot season is commencing. My host family sleeps out in the courtyard. I sleep in a puddle of sweat. If anyone wants to send me packets of Gatorade drink mix, I'd love it. I can't stay hydrated.

That being said, today is overcast. This is clear proof that there is a god. Or that someone sacrificed something big and the local fetishes liked it. Either way, a day with no sun is amazing.
It is Anacardiam (sp?) season. I just recently figured out that these are cashews. I like cashew fruit much better than the nuts. The fruit grows below the seed/nut. It looks really weird.

It rained the other night! It was so amazing! Wet cold wonderful rain.

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  1. I knew u'd get a cat...

    ... an OLD TRENCH COAT THAT'S ALL _______ ?