Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a hot shower . . .

so Alisha and I are in Lome for the week working on the new issue of Farm to Market. We are half of the 4 person editorial board. Farm to Market is a joint NRM/SED publication that goes out to west Africa. maybe I can find a link to it someplace. Anyway, its hard, but its fun. I enjoy editing and putting stuff together.

We're staying at this hotel called the Phonecia. It has hot water. I have not had a hot shower since I left the US. It is kind of mind blowing.

I biked over to Atalote on saturday, as opposed to taking a moto. This will save me 9 mille total. I am almost sure it is worth it. We guess-timate that its about 40k total. I had a bunch of crap on my bike because I am going to be gone for awhile. The paths around the river are (more) washed out--I felt like I was biking on the beach. The river was up to my diaphragm. Luckily my big backpack is somewhat water resistant. I about face-planted when I got to the other bank, but other than that it was fine.
The rest of the trip sucked. I wasn't feeling it. I felt like I was going to die. I wound up getting sick the next day so maybe that's what was wrong. Anyway, I made it ok.

I hate swarming poultry lice.

Who reads this thing? you should leave comments.

I helped my host family plant corn last week. It was intense. It took probably 15 people most of the day to prepare and plant 1.25 hectacres of corn. I helped until my blisters hurt too bad. I will post pictures of it later. i hope

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  1. I read it! I've never been to Africa; your notes give me a real life feeling for what it's like. Thanks for taking the time to write it down.