Monday, September 12, 2011

stuff I forgot to add

Before I started this post, I had to squash a mosquito

Saturday, N'tilabi and Adjay, my host brothers, went hunting in the teak woods with slingshots. They killed some big bats which they cooked up that night. My friend Djabob was over hanging out with me, and he insisted that I try it.

It didn't taste like chicken. Maybe like a chicken heart. I think I ate a whole bat.

The other day I was laying in my house during repo when a thunderstorm blew up. I ran outside to rescue my solar charger, then I helped a neighbor girl sweep up piles of peanuts that were drying in the courtyard. in the pouring rain. it was kind of fun, although she was freaking out.

A big snake crossed the road today as I was biking into Kouka

Below is my mamba

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  1. ick!
    we have a black snake that lives in our neighborhood, my mom stuck her hand around the wall to turn the light on in her garage, it was lying across the light switches, so it fell on her arm. I could almost hear her screaming at my house. she called, I told Robbie to go help her, and to take the camera, get a picture of Nana screaming.... he showed up a couple weeks ago when I was weeding some tall grass, I nearly picked him up. I have never jumped that high or that far in my life.