Tuesday, November 15, 2011


the other day i reached a new high, or low depending on your perspective, in my PC service. I didn't have any vash qui ri (a cheese-ish substance) or tabasco sauce-- the combination tastes sort of like how I image chedder cheese-- so i made myself a mayonnaise and chili sauce sandwich. It was edible.

i reached another point yesterday. i was in Dapaong, in northern togo, for a Volunteer get-together. I traveled from there to Kara. The next day from Kara to Bassar, then, yesterday, from Bassar to Lome. Through this i wore the same clothes, because traveling is really dusty this time of year. I could barely make myself touch my shirt long enough this morning to stuff it in the deepest recesses of my backpack.

togo.peacecorps.gov is our new website! actually its been around for awhile but i just found out about the address. you can read the publication that I help edit- Farm to Market, and find out all kinds of other fun stuff about life in Togo on it.

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