Saturday, July 20, 2013

Of cheese curds and chocolate chip cookies

I forgot how much I missed, and love, cheese curds until I went shopping in the fridge this morning.  A little piece of heaven in my mouth

Oh, and I forgot how amazing fully functioning refridgorators are too

I have been hiding out in my parents' house since I got home.  My little sister, Annabelle, has been my chauffeur as the thought of driving here makes me quietly panic

I just ordered myself a new computer this afternoon.  A 13-inch macbook pro.  I have been dreaming of having such a machine for at least the past year.  I think I weirded out PCVs in Togo when I would ask them if I could touch their macbooks cause they are so pretty

Aside from that, I fulfilled another need by getting a beard trimmer.  I did in 5 minutes what it took me a half hour to do in Togo with scissors in a comb

I go to sleep with the sweet green smell of growing corn coming in my window on the night breeze.  I realized this morning that there is probably more corn on my parents' farm than in the entire canton of Nampoch

I sleep with my window open and a fan on much to the bemusement of my dad who doesnt really understand why I dont want to sleep in air conditioning.  I sleep better with a fan and my sinuses dont feel like they have been baked when I wake up in the morning

My cats are Huge. Like, gargantuan, compared to Tadji and Ninghan.  My cat Mustafa is roughly the size of Little Doggy in Nampoch.  Seriously.  But he is a lot lazier.  Think a black Garfield

So far, I have not physically interacted with anyone here outside of my family.  Aside from my friend Ashley who gave me an awesome hair cut today. I am too scared too

One thing that I am having a hard time adjusting to is daylight.  Right now it is something like 830pm.  It is this dark about 545 pm in Togo, and dark by 630 pm.  I never know what time it is anymore, nor really even what day it is

my sister is making chocolate chip cookies. more little slices of heaven waiting for me to eat them

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