Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Day in the Life . . .

A couple of people have asked me to talk about a "typical" day as a PCV here. I can"t think of one. Sorry.
I usually, however, do the following things on any given day.

I wake up between 630 and 730, depending on the noise level in my courtyard. I hang around outside for a little while trying to wake up, eating peanut butter (togolese) and bread (togolese but french-inspired) for breakfast, and greeting people who come to saluate me. Sometimes this involves talking to people who want to do projects, sometimes it involves talking about how it was hot last night and so no one slept well.

Then I get dressed and read, or go to town, or go find out who is brewing tchakba that day.
Then I drink tchakba and hang out with people.

Then, late morning, early afternoon, I repo/go hide in my house for awhile.

At 2 pm I take my doxy. my malaria medication.

Then I go over to Kodjo's house, or go drink tchakba, or read, or go learn french, etc.

Late afternoon/evening, I receive more people who come to saluate me.

Then I take a bucket shower.

Then I eat supper. Usually. Then I read/watch tv shows on my computer/ sit outside and look at the stars/ sit outside and talk to people/ help kids with their english homework.

Then I sleep.

Some days, I spent all day in Kouka. Some days I spend 20 minutes out of every 2 hours in my latrine. Some days I spend half the day or more at village events. It all depends.

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