Monday, February 14, 2011

Jim Morrison said it best

"this is the strangest life I have ever known"

that's kind of the motto of my sojourn here in Togo. The exotic is normalized, mostly. Accessing Facebook is a pain in the ass. What used to be normal, like cell phone reception, hot showers, and facebook, is exotic.

I've found stuff that I thought I would find here and other stuff I never believed I would find here.

I've met wonderful people, amazing people, and amazing intelligent people. And I've yelled at assholes and tried to tackle a would-be mugger.

I realized that the only limit to what people can do is the limits that people put on themselves.

I also realized carrying a moto through a river is perfectly acceptable.

I ate goat testicles.

I have yet to meet someone who is fundamentally different than me

One of my best friends in village is a devout catholic. Another one of my best friends in village is a devout muslim. Another practices traditional religion. They live next to each other and get along just fine. People need to take notes.

I finally found an animal that Togolese, or at least the Konkumba, dont eat. Crocodile. I think that this is because crocodiles are reputed to eat people.

I never thought that I would love "tofu."

The thought of planting trees or designing a chimney for a thatched roof is really exciting.

At least once a week I have the following realization "holy crap, I am in Africa"

its the strangest life Ive ever known

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