Saturday, April 16, 2011

Creeping Eruption update

so I took some pills and my moving bump stopped moving. Im going to miss the little guy. We've been through so much together

being in Lome has been nice. the Volunteer 'work center,' aka the Lounge, in the Bureau is always refreshingly cold. its good to hang out with other volunteers. I met several people for the first time. Volunteers from the north and south dont get to meet up a lot because of the distance.

we've eaten a lot of lebanese food here in Lome. mainly because humus is amazingly good. last night we got pizza at this fancy-ish restaurant. it was Really good, and almost like US pizza. the tahini sauce on the falafal sandwiches at this one place is amazing.

I am laying under a fan right now in a hotel that has wireless (sometimes) internet. its kind of crazy.

I feel almost anonymous here; people in lome are used to seeing foreigners so they usually leave you alone. although taxi drivers get kind of ticked when you try to pay them togolese prices and not foreigner prices. its refreshing to not always be on display as the token stranger.

there is a new CHAP/SED stage coming in soon. This means i wont be in 'the most recent' stage. it also means that one of my friends will be COSing (completion of service) soon and a new person will be replacing her. this is kind of sad. every 6 months or so about 25% of the Volunteers are rotated out and replaced.

just a shout-out to the new Congress. Thanks for cutting our budget 10%. the Entire Peace Corps budget for a year could pay for about a day in Iraq, so that 10% will save someone a "lot" of money

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