Friday, April 1, 2011

Nigarmi update

I was trying to cook dinner last night when I felt something run over my foot. Nigarmi, who was sitting close by yowling like he always does when I cook, jumped on the thing. From the legs disappearing in his mouth, I deduced that it was a spider whose size was directly proportional to its stupidity.

About 4 am though, I had to pull Nigarmi out of the eves of one of the buildings in the compound, after he stopped growling, because Gross (pronounced ‘grO’), the dog, chased him up there.

Nigarmi is getting bigger. He can jump up on the wall around my compound now, hence how he got up in the eves, and he can climb up on my paillote. He’s been trying to catch a lizard, but he hasn’t mastered the art of running straight up walls like they can. Last week I was dozing on my lit picot cum couch when I heard peeping. I looked under my lit picot to discover that Nigarmi had brought me a chick. I had to take it back. He wasn’t happy.

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